• Wallfit – the wall off the assembly line

  • Wallfit – the wall off the assembly line

  • Wallfit – the wall off the assembly line

Wallfit - perfectly thought out

How have we managed to combine the benefits of solid construction with those of prefabricated structures?
"Woodchip forming bricks", or as we call them: "Wallfit climate bricks", are processed into Wallfit prefabricated walls in the production facilities of the "Wallfit" licensees.

All required modules are already integrated corresponding to your individual plans:

  • Front doors
  • Windows
  • Roller shutters and blinds
  • Window sills, inside and outside
  • Electrical installations
  • Distribution boxes
  • Inspection wall slot systems
  • Wall heating
  • Wall cooling
  • Ventilation system
  • Toilet cisterns and suspensions
  • Sanitation pipes with cold and hot water and wastepaper pipes

The Wallfit walls are also provided with an outstanding outer insulation as well as interior and exterior plastering at the factory.

The Wallfit prefabricated walls are delivered to the construction site fully finished, installed by specially trained experts and the grouted with concrete.

The solid Wallfit prefabricated house is built within just one week and ready for wallpapering and painting or coating in another one or two weeks!

Virtual production process of a wallfit prefabricated house

The following link gives you the opportunity to be on a virtual circuit in our company. The link opens in a so-called popup window. Make sure that your Internet browser will not suppress this: Virtual production process